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Something You Have

Who/ what influences your style, music and inspires you?
I look to so many people for fashion inspiration! I fluctuate between Laurel Canyon lady feminine to masculine rocker in jeans and an old army jacket. 
Neil Young, George Harrison, Gloria Steinem, Marianne Faithfull, Linda McCartney, Grace Slick, Robert Plant... the list goes on and on, but I love that it's something that is always evolving based on my mood. 
I tend to look at old photographs of people at festivals, or on the street in London and San Francisco like some people look at art in museums. I study them and use them as inspiration for my life (from my clothes, to my house, to my music). I look at those photographs and feel like I am looking at my past life. It feels familiar and special, and that inspires me.  

Our music is most inspired by The Beatles, CSN, Bill Withers, Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin, & Marvin Gaye
Being outdoors in nature is the one thing in my life I always turn to for inspiration, lessons, solitude, and to remind me to check in. 

Why do you like wearing vintage and what’s your favourite piece you own?
For me, vintage has always been something I've been drawn to. There has always been this pull for me into times past and I think that extends itself to every part of my life. Growing up, we shopped at local thrift stores to save money and through that I learned that one way I could express my creativity was with clothing. That really stirred something special in me and when I would put together looks from the unique pieces I found I felt like they matched my soul.

Another part for me now is the amazing community of friends I've made through vintage. Lifelong pals who are my tribe. We all love restoring and reviving things of yesteryear and in a way we are still all those young kids geeking out over a pair of amazing shoes, or an old shag coat. There's something really special and bigger at work there than just fashion, but it starts with a look. We all come together because it's like, "hey, love that coat!" and then it turns into "We've been best friends for 10+ years!"

There is also something to be said for the fun in the hunt! Always looking for a treasure, never knowing what you mind find out there. Vintage is never dull.

It is so hard to pick a favorite piece so I am going to list three!
- I have a vintage Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young with Jesse Colin Young t-shirt that is just the coolest. I still can't believe it's mine. It's for a show they did together and has their faces drawn on the back. Epic.

- My 70s camel brown leather knee boots. I have had these forever and they have been with me on every tour we've ever done. I wear them almost every day and will probably wear them until they can't be mended any further. They go with everything and are my true blue. 

- I have an obsession with vintage coats (who doesn't?!) and actually back in the Autumn I was in Brighton and bought a 70's purple tapestry coat from Hazy Dayz! It is the most gorgeous thing ever, has a pointed hood! It's Stevie Nicks meets Pentangle.  

What’s your favourite era and why?
I would say from 1968-1974. I love early sixties fashion, but when choosing for my closet I tend to lean toward late 60s to early/mid 70s. I love the way women dressed in the 70s - the big denim flares, super sky high waists, boots, vests, and then contrast that with a Gunne Sax dress? So good. 
Musically I would say most of what I listen to is from around then too. I've always been floating around in the 60s & 70s as if it were now. 

What do you look for when you’re shopping? Print/ pattern/ details?
Part of what I love about shopping for vintage is feeling the pieces. The softness in the denim, the structure in the coats that have withstood many decades, the velvet, the beautiful's definitely all in the details. I am drawn to colour and always looking for something unique in pattern. Especially if I am going to wear it onstage, it has to pop! I also just go into shops and let the pieces come to me. I find the right ones usually have a way of making it into your hands. 

What are you most looking forward to this year?

We have so much touring this year for Native Harrow! I am looking forward to getting to share our songs in new places. We also have another album coming out which I am thrilled to share too! 
When you’re writing/making new music what fires up your creativity?
This is something that is always evolving for me and seems different each time we make a record. We don't get much time off so I find that when we finally come off the road for a few weeks I am really ready to settle in, reflect, and write about it all. 
Seeing other musicians perform, reading books, taking walks, looking at art, and having real conversations with others are all things I turn to for inspiration. 
The ways we can all relate and get by together is the big one for me. I am all about human connection and I try to use my music as a way to bring us all together so maybe we feel less alone in this wild world. 
Stylist & Photography- Kerri Lown
Model & muse- Devin Tuel
Native Harrow play UK dates April/May