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Dream Girl

Iraina is a DJ and an up and coming singer with a killer retro style so when she asked me to style her for her new single at the 70s aesthetic dream bar ‘Bobby FitzPatrick’, I knew straight away that I wanted to dress her in Hazy Dayz vintage. 

 Iraina has that 60s sex-kitten thing going on and because of the delightfully clashing, ever-so-slightly seedy decor of Bobby’s, it was fun to play around with different patterns and styles on her.

 In one look we see her as a late 1960s party girl, in her leopard print coat and paisley, and then in another as a 1970s glamorous housewife, in the typical tonal browns of the era but with a fabulous jade ethnic waistcoat to add some exoticism to an otherwise domestic setting. 

The last look I modelled on the Bardot/Bond Girl 60s pinup style. All suede mini-dress, big hair and thigh high boots with the classic dagger collared shirt underneath for that London Swinging Sixties style. 
 Dream clothes on a dream girl in a dream setting.

Stylist & Author- Marni Bennett
Model & muse- Iraina Mancini
Photograher- Etienne Gilfillan