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Girl behind the brand......

In an ever growing world of small business I consider it important to have the edge. Personally, I like to know a little about the company I’m buying from, their ethos and the person driving it. After all deciding where to buy is important, and what you buy is special. 

My Background - My Vision (in short)....

I was lucky enough to be born into the world of fashion. My muses:- mum, once asked out by Roger Daltrey (squeals at the thought !!) made her own wild clothes in the 70’s. Dad, was and still is an extensive, obsessive record collector and “dedicated follower of fashion”. Together in the 80’s they opened their first fashion emporium. With this at my roots I suppose it was inevitable that music and fashion were to become my addiction. I believe they fuse together one influencing the other to be inspirational against convention. 

I spend hours looking through pictures and magazines old and new to create a “look”, I take bits from this and bits from that, piece together ideas, then hunt for the specific key items to make up the outfit. 

Since I was little I have always had a fascination for “statement fashion”. My love for “the good old stuff” started when mum took me to my first antique fair, I clearly remember picking my first vintage piece, a little pearl cross, I was hooked. This grew into a love of the avant garde, I would wear items from Vivienne Westwood teamed with charity shop finds. I began to be drawn to the specific eras of the 60s and 70s, the designs and the hedonism of that time, I guess in my own way reliving them. Who wouldn’t want to embody a bit of Birkin or Stevie! Imagine for a second stepping back in time into the buzz of iconic boutiques such as Biba, Bus Stop and Apple.

I collected unique treasures for years before it dawned that I could actually make a business out of my passion. I handpick from a wide variety of sources at home and abroad to collate my unique and ever evolving collections.
Life’s too short to be shy and follow the crowd! I like to be aware of trends but bend them, manipulating the look to make it you is key! The empowerment a piece of clothing can give is boundless, a vintage piece has had a life before and absorbed character over the years. Hazy Dayz is all of the above. Lose yourself on a vintage trip!

Thanks for reading……..@letclothesspeak